My 3 Favorite dishes

3 Great Chinese Dishes

Every community has indigenous food which is enjoyed all over the world. Chinese are not an exception, and there has great food which originates from their cultures.Chinese food is a staple diet for many food fanatics all over the globe. Some of the great Chinese dishes are;

Dim Sum
Dim Sum is the style of Chinese cuisine prepared as bite portion of food. Dim sum refers to a style of serving a vast selection of different snack type. These are provided on a trolley which trundles between tables for diners to make their choices. These dishes originated in the southern part of China as a snack served along with tea. Today, plenty of different varieties of this dish are available in different parts of the globe as side dishes and also as main dishes. Dumplings, rolls made of noodles and bread are the key ingredients of dim sum dishes.

Gong Bao Chicken
Gong Bao Chicken is among the best Chinese dishes. This Gong Bao Chicken delicacy originated in the south-western part of China and later moved on to different states and countries where the inmates of this dish moved. It is a dish that consists mainly of chicken that is stir-fried along with garlic, ginger, orange extracts, sugar, corn- starch and chicken broth. Salt and pepper are also added to the main dish while it is served.

Bamboo rice
One of a rare Chinese dish that is very much delectable and filling, then it is bamboo rice. This dish is usually made by cooking rice and pork in fresh green bamboo. The food is made to stay inside the bamboo for few more minutes after it is fully cooked and hence the dish has the fresh fragrance of bamboo. It is a great dish to try out.
These are just but little Chinese food among much more. Chinese dishes are very adaptable and very popular in China and around the world.